Specialty Services for Guitarist Nails

Another area of Tammy’s expertise is in applying acrylic nails for musicians who specialize in playing “fingerstyle” guitar.

What is “Fingerstyle” Guitar?

The term “fingerstyle” applies to a specific guitar playing technique where the strings are individually plucked (rather than strummed) by the nails of the thumb (although some players prefer to use a thumb pick over an acrylic nail) and the first three fingers (pointer, middle, and ring fingers) of the strumming hand. The fingerstyle technique is an essential part of many styles of playing including classical, flamenco, bluegrass, country, rock, and is equally applicable to gut string acoustic, steel string acoustic, and electric guitars. A seemingly endless list of fingerstyle guitarists includes James Taylor, Paul Simon, Chet Atkins, Don Ross, Andre Segovia, and on and on. Check any of them out on YouTube, you’ll be amazed.

Why Acrylic Nails Are So Important

It is a well-known fact that naturally grown fingernails are not durable enough to withstand the rigors of plucking the steel strings of an acoustic guitar for hours on end. They curl, peel, crack, rip, and break. Acrylic nails completely solve that problem. They are extremely durable.

But additionally, the thickness and shape of the nails used to pluck the strings are a critically important contributor to achieving beautiful tone when playing fingerstyle guitar (especially on an acoustic guitar). If the nail tip tends to be more pointed in shape and has a thinner consistency, it produces a much brighter or trebly tone. If the nail tip tends to be more round in shape and has a thicker consistency, it produces a much deeper or full, rich tone. And then there are the various degrees of thickness and shape that lie somewhere in between.

Why Tammy Can Help Any Guitarist

Tammy can apply your acrylic nails at any length, thickness, and shape you desire. She is experienced, highly skilled, and knows exactly how to fashion each nail to achieve the perfect consistency required for each individual finger, even the thumb.

Tammy understands the needs of the fingerstyle guitarist and is extremely easy to communicate with. She appreciates the nuance that separates the right nail from the wrong one, the tone it will produce, and will work to give you exactly what you are looking for. Just explain what you want, the specific length, thickness, and shape, and she will work with you during the application process to refine the nail until it’s just right, insuring you get the prefect end result.

Let Tammy help you reach the next level in your guitar playing development with the application of acrylic nails that are perfect for the fingerstyle guitarist.


“Tammy is awesome! After becoming completely frustrated with the way my natural nails ripped and broke, Tammy applied my acrylic nails and solved all of my problems. I was able to explain exactly what I was looking for and she clearly understood and made it happen. These nails are fantastic! The shape, thickness, and durability are prefect! They produce the exact tone I was looking for – my guitar sounds amazing. I can play for hours at a time with absolutely no problems. Tammy’s help was a gamechanger in the quality and enjoyment of my playing.”


                                                             Chris Katke – Laguna Niguel, CA